A strong concentrate formula for cleaning/sanitizing press water circulating systems. Use RSC1200 as part of a regular system maintenance program to prevent water system contaminant build-up and optimize performance.

Features and Benefits…
• Strong cleaner breaks down ink residue, paper fiber, calcium carbonate, scum and biological growth from tanks, pans and feed lines
• Sanitizer – eliminates fungus and bacterial growth from water system
• Will not harm lines and system pumps
• Regular use saves time and money – promotes consistent quality and longer life of fountain solution
• Fast and easy to use – cleans entire system in less than 1 hour

SKU: RSC100-Q / RSC100-G / RSC100-P


Item Number Container Quantity Per Case
RSC1200-Q 1 Quart 6
RSC1200-G 1 Gallon 4
RSC1200-P 5 Gallon (2 – 2.5 Gallon Bottles) 1
User Information Always wear protective gloves, safety glasses and protective clothing when working with chemistry.  Use only for industrial applications and only according to directions. Read SDS sheet before using product. Directions Step 1 – System Cleaning: Drain the circulation system. Refill the system with enough warm water to cover the pump when circulating.  Add 10 oz of RSC1200 for each gallon of water in tank. Circulate cleaning solution for one hour before draining system again. (For highly contaminated systems, repeat above cleaning procedure with a run-time of 15 minutes) Step 2 – System Rinsing: Refill tank with clean water and circulate for 2-3 minutes until water in tank remains clean. Repeat rinse procedure until tank water remains clear. After cleaning and rinse process completed, drain system completely and refill with clean water and add recommended measure of fountain solution. Specifications Flash point: 175° F V.O.C.(lbs/gal): 0.80 Vapor Pressure (mmHg@68˚F) water mix Specific Gravity: >1 pH: 11.0 Conductivity: n/a Water Solubility: Yes Appearance and Color: Cloudy-White Liquid
HMIS III Rating NFPA Rating
Health 2 2
Flammability 1 1
Reactivity 0 0
Personal Protection B
Index: 0 = No Hazard, 1 = Minimal, 2 = Moderate, 3 = High, 4 = Extreme A – Glasses, B – Glasses/gloves, G – Vapor Respirator,/goggles,/gloves


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