E701 is an environmentally responsible and strong cleaning roller and blanket wash that contains less than 1 lb/gallon VOCs. ESeries E701 is uniquely blended as a creamy emulsion wash for excellent “gravity suspension” within the press roller train.

Features and Benefits...
• Excellent everyday water miscible wash for all press types
• Creamy, emulsion formula for better gravity suspension within the ink roller train
• Unique blend of vegetable natural plant ester and cleansers easily and completely removes ink, gum, glaze, calcium and paper lint
• No hazardous ingredients as defined by OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1200 and is SCAQMD Rule 1171
• Strong cleaner and economical – use 50% less solution than standard petroleum solvent wash. In repeated field use and tests, the average amount of E701 required to clean a 23″ press is 1/2 oz compared to 3-4 oz of solvent wash.

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 Item Number  Container  Quantity Per Case
RBWE701-Q 1 Quart 6
RBWE701-G 1 Gallon 4
RBWE701-P 5 Gallon (2 – 2.5 Gallon Bottles) 1
RBWE701-D 55 Gallon 1
User Information Always wear protective gloves, safety glasses and protective clothing when working with chemistry.  Use only for industrial applications and only according to directions. Read SDS sheet before using product. Directions Use E701 full strength for maximum cleaning effectiveness. One half ounce of E701 will clean a 23″ press (blanket and ink train. Rollers Apply directly to rollers with a clean, lint-free press cloth or sponge. Solution will quickly break-down ink, glaze and calcium. Follow with a water wipe/flush to easily remove solution and contaminates, leaving roller clean and velvety smooth. For automatic wash procedure, run press at fast idle, disengage clean-up blade and apply a small bead of E701 across top of roller train.  When the bead disappears, flush with pure water.  Repeat procedure until rollers are clean and contaminate free. Blankets Apply a small amount of solution to a clean, moist press cloth or sponge and wipe across blanket until clean. When ink removed, wash blanket again with a wet cloth or sponge to remove any remaining solution and water soluble contaminates. Use Notes and Tips 1.  If cleaning press rollers manually and experience slipping or stopping, wash 2/3 of the press first allowing the other 1/3 to       drive the rollers.  Next, clean the other 1/3 of the press roller train for a clean and ink-ready rollers. 2.  After a series of vegetable compound washes, deep cleaning of rollers may be necessary. Contact INX Products Tech Support      for assistance with your procedure. Specifications Flash point: >360° F V.O.C.(lbs/gal): 0.138 (16.5 g/l) Vapor Pressure (mmHg@68˚F) <1 Specific Gravity: .89 pH: n/a Conductivity: n/a Water Solubility: Yes Appearance and Color: Light Green Emulsion
HMIS III Rating NFPA Rating
Health 1 1
Flammability 0 0
Reactivity 0 0
Personal Protection B
Index: 0 = No Hazard, 1 = Minimal, 2 = Moderate, 3 = High, 4 = Extreme A – Glasses, B – Glasses/gloves, G – Vapor Respirator,/goggles,/gloves


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