PressWash 100

A premium, higher flash-point, lower vapor pressure wash that easily removes printing inks and glaze from press rollers and blankets. Features medium-drying speed and is water miscible.

Features and Benefits…
• Our premium everyday wash for all printing press types
• Unique blend of highly-refined solvents and cleansers easily removes ink, gum, glaze, calcium and paper lint
• MEDIUM Drying Speed for strong cleaning action
• Mix with up to 50% with water for effective removal of calcium and paper contaminates
• Very mild odor

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Item Number Container Quantity Per Case
RBW1128 1 Gallon 4
RBW1640 5 Gallon (2 – 2.5 Gallon Bottles) 1
RB1740 55 Gallon 1
User Information Always wear protective gloves, safety glasses and protective clothing when working with chemistry.  Use only for industrial applications and only according to directions. Read SDS sheet before using product. Directions Mix INX Products PressWash 100 with up to 50% water for greater economy. A 50/50 emulsion mix will still be a strong cleaner for ink, glaze and calcium buildup. Mix carefully in a wash bottle or safe, spill-proof container. Rollers Use as a one-step wash with any manual wash-up procedure. Apply by hand with a clean, lint-free press cloth or disposable wipe. Lightly scrub roller and wipe away ink, glaze, calcium and paper fiber. Blankets Apply to a clean, lint-free press cloth or disposable wipe and wipe across blanket until clean. Excellent for a combined solvent and water wash to remove ink, glaze, calcium and paper fiber. Specifications Flash point: >120° F V.O.C(lbs/gal): 6.55 (785 g/l) Vapor Pressure(mmHg@68˚F) <2 Specific Gravity: .86 pH: n/a Conductivity: n/a Water Solubility: Yes Appearance and Color: Crystal Clear Liquid
HMIS III Rating NFPA Rating
Health 1 1
Flammability 2 2
Reactivity 0 0
Personal Protection B
Index: 0 = No Hazard, 1 = Minimal, 2 = Moderate, 3 = High, 4 = Extreme A – Glasses, B – Glasses/gloves, G – Vapor Respirator,/goggles,/gloves


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