A proprietary ink catalyst that promotes faster and stronger drying characteristics on coated, matte, synthetic and other non-porous printing stocks.

Experience the advantages of NPSA100 treated inks for a more durable, rub-resistant glossy image!

Features and Benefits…
• Will enable ink to set quickly and dry catalytically on stock (@12 hours) leaving a hard rub resistant and glossy image
• Uniquely designed to stay open on press rollers for up to 5 hours
• Will not affect ink colors

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Item Number Container Quantity Per Case
NPSA100-B 1 lb Container 4
User Information Always wear protective gloves, safety glasses and protective clothing when working with chemistry.  Use only for industrial applications and only according to directions. Read SDS sheet before using product. Directions When used as directed, NPSA treated ink will not affect ink color. Catalytic drying effect requires 12 full hours for maximum results. Due to unique properties of print stocks, it is important to do a simple “tap out” test on a stock to ensure the treated ink drying result is achieved. General Ink Blending Guidelines NPSA100 should be added to inks at a ratio of 1-4% per pound of ink (1 level teaspoon of additive = 1%/lb) depending on the stock to be printed. – Standard coated/uncoated stocks: 1%/lb – Matte coated/board/tag stocks: 3%/lb – Plastic/aqueous coated stocks: 4%/lb Caution NPSA treated ink cannot be left on press for extended periods or overnight. The ink will dry hard on rollers. Do not add NPSA100 treated ink back into stock ink can. Specifications Flash point: >105° F V.O.C. (lbs/gal): 3.94 Vapor Pressure (mmHg@68˚F) >1 Specific Gravity: 1.02 pH: n/a Conductivity: n/a Water Solubility: No Appearance and Color: Thick Brown Paste
HMIS III Rating NFPA Rating
Health 2 2
Flammability 2 2
Reactivity 0 0
Personal Protection B
Index: 0 = No Hazard, 1 = Minimal, 2 = Moderate, 3 = High, 4 = Extreme A – Glasses, B – Glasses/gloves, G – Vapor Respirator,/goggles,/gloves


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