An environmentally safe product that will break-down, soften and lift dried ink glaze and calcium carbonate deposits embedded in the nap (pores) of lithographic rubber rollers.
Use VOC-free E300DCP daily or whenever you need to remove tough glaze, varnish, gum and calcium from rollers or blankets. See the results!

Features and Benefits…
• Deep cleaning formula for the toughest embedded roller contaminates and hardened glaze
• Powerful and safe solution easily removes binders, pigments, glaze, calcium carbonate and surfactant buildup within the rubber pores and on the surface of rubber rollers
• Improves ink control and distribution for highest level of print quality
• Conditions and revitalizes rollers for prolonged life and cost-savings
• Contains no pumice or abrasives
• No petroleum solvents-No reportable blend components…Zero VOCs and S.C.A.Q.M.D. Rule 1171 compliant

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Item Number Container Quantity Per Case
E300DCP-16 16oz. Squirt Top Bottle 12
E300DCP-G 1 Gallon Refill Bottle 4
User Information Always wear protective gloves, safety glasses and protective clothing when working with chemistry.  Use only for industrial applications and only according to directions. Read SDS sheet before using product. Directions Wash up rollers with an INX Products blanket and roller wash such as E700/E701, PressWash 100 or PressWash 200. After standard wash up, lay-down a single bead of E300DCP paste across top two rollers, start press and allow paste to work into rollers for 3-5 minutes. Engage wash up blade and rinse roller train with an INX Products standard wash solution to remove the contaminates cut from deep within the roller pores and now on roller surface. Use Notes and Tips 1.  If cleaning press rollers manually and experience slipping or stopping, wash 2/3 of the press first allowing the other 1/3 to drive the      rollers.  Next, clean the other 1/3 of the press roller train. 2.  After a series of vegetable compound washes, deep cleaning of rollers may be necessary. Contact INX Products Tech Support      for assistance with your procedure. 3.  A final rinse with INX Products CRP100 Roller Calcium Rinse may be necessary to ensure any remaining calcium carbonate is      neutralized to acceptable pH rating. This is not a roller wash, but a “wetting” procedure. With press idling, moisten or drip (do not      flood) top roller with INX CRP100 until all ink train rollers are moist. Continue press idling until rollers are dry.  To consistently keep      press rollers clean and contaminate free, repeat the above steps every 5-6 shifts. Specifications Flash point: >300° F V.O.C. (lbs/gal): 0 Vapor Pressure (mmHg@68˚F) > 1 Specific Gravity: 1.00 pH: n/a Conductivity: n/a Water Solubility: Yes Appearance and Color: Light Tan Liquid Paste
HMIS III Rating NFPA Rating
Health 1 1
Flammability 0 0
Reactivity 0 0
Personal Protection B
Index: 0 = No Hazard, 1 = Minimal, 2 = Moderate, 3 = High, 4 = Extreme A – Glasses, B – Glasses/gloves, G – Vapor Respirator,/goggles,/gloves


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